Mee Goreng

January 2, 2012

Mee Goreng

Page 185, Ottolenghi


Originally we chose this dish to have on New Year’s day along with the coconut rice pudding, but plans shifted and this became our lunch today. The Ottolenghi book is clearly going to have more complex ingredients to negotiate than the Henry book, and even this first recipe required several substitutions after a fruitless trip to the grocery store. If I had time to go to the East-West Market, I may have had more luck with fresh mung bean sprouts and sambal oelek, but as it was, I ended up using canned sprouts (surprisingly okay once in the mix, though unappealing straight from the can) and sri racha as the chili component.  Because I had done most of the prep work the day before, this dish came together quickly, and it was a win all around.  B and I both loved the dish, and felt happy to be ingesting tofu, bok choy, green beans, and noodles with some lovely spice on a very cold day. I almost didn’t buy the iceberg lettuce that the recipe called for, and both B and I agreed that the whole dish would have suffered without it. Who knew? Iceberg is not something we typically choose to buy, but it made the perfect crunchy, cold accompaniment to this slightly spicy noodle dish, along with some lime wedges.  The recipe says that it feeds two, but we have an additional serving packed in tupperware and ready to head back to work with B tomorrow. Small comfort for vacation ending, but delicious none the less.


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  1. Good luck with your ambitious project! I am looking forward to seeing where your creativity takes you this year.

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