January 14, 2012


Page 293, Henry



One of the things that I appreciate about Diana Henry’s cookbook is the fact that almost every recipe has multiple variations that she offers. When I saw her recipe for sourdough tartines with labneh and tomato on page 293, I knew that I wanted to use the concept, but make a fruit-based version.  She offers several fruity variations, none of which sang out to me. What did call me were the adorable seckel pears that B and I picked up while shopping last weekend. They are perfectly shaped, tiny, red-blushed objects d’art as much as they are fruit and perfectly suited for a breakfast tartine with goat cheese, honey, and a sprinkling of rosemary. Perfect start to a three-day weekend.  Ah, the feeling of plenty – delicious breakfast, a day full of fun plans with my girls, and coffee and snuggles galore. Hope your weekend is full of the same….


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