Mushroom ragout with poached duck egg

January 19, 2012

Mushroom ragout with poached egg

Page 50, Ottolenghi

Who knew that poached eggs were actually tasty? I have spent years avoiding any egg preparation in which the white and the yolk were seperate and distinguishable. Eggs were fine, mind you, but only if they were scrambled or an omelet or a quiche, something that completely mixed the white and yolk.  And even then, in moderation. But last weekend, friends, my mind was opened. After a fabulous lunch at our favorite Japanese restaurant where B tried (and liked!) a spicy tuna appetizer after years of avoiding spicy tuna, I grew brave. And when B and the 11-year old decided to make eggs benedict with smoked salmon for breakfast a few says ago, I eschewed my usual scrambled egg substitution and tried a poached egg. Not just an egg, really, but a fabulous Bantam egg, laid by the happy chickens on our dear friend, Jaime’s farm. And it was good. I am still not interested in a runny yolk, but B hard-poached my egg to perfection and the next thing I knew, I was making mushroom ragout to put some poached eggs on for dinner this evening. I will admit that it was a nod to B, who was having a craptastic kind of day and whose face brightens anytime poached eggs are even mentioned, but it *was* my idea!

Ottolenghi’s mushroom ragout benefitted from the addition of kale — the last of the kale from our garden this year that had been resting in the crisper just waiting for a cold winter’s night dish such as this one. Toasted baguette topped with sauteed mushrooms and kale, and all topped with a gorgeous poached egg. Not a duck egg, as his recipe called for, but another perfect Bantam egg, grown with love at Jaime’s place just a few miles away and delivered earlier this week. Maybe that’s part of why I am enjoying poached eggs, eh?



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2 responses to “Mushroom ragout with poached duck egg

  1. What is your poaching method?

    • B taught me to do a slow simmer in a shallow pan, add a teaspoon or two of vinegar, crack egg into a cup and slide gently into the water after stirring a bit to create a whirlpool effect and then poach for 4 minutes. perfect every time! ❤

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