Restorative chicken and parsley risotto

January 21, 2012

Restorative chicken and parsley risotto

Page 22, Henry



I started the day with a whole chicken, procured at the last regular farmer’s market from our favorite chicken vendor and frozen, simmering in a bath of carrots, oregano, thyme, and onions to make a lovely chicken stock and provide us with cooked chicken. The whole house smelled like comfort and deliciousness. After the chicken cooked, I removed the meat and slipped the bones/carcass back into the pot to slow simmer for most of the day. The recipe for for this risotto from the Henry book certainly did not call for such extravagance, in fact it called for leftover chicken. This, though, was how I wanted our day to smell and taste — fresh, farm-raised chicken slowly cooking while we spent our Saturday crafting, drawing, sewing, loving, reading, doing laundry, and all of the other lovely ways to spend a Saturday.

And friends, I do think it made a difference, because this simple risotto was the best thing that I have made yet. And I have made some delicious food so far! The lemon juice  and zest,  the last parsley from our garden haul in December, and the egg yolk , added just something to the risotto. A brightness and a creaminess that had us both licking our bowls. Like, for real licking our bowls. No shame here, folks. That was the best risotto I have ever had. And you should probably make it. With or without chicken, this would be amazing. Recipe coming soon, I promise…..




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2 responses to “Restorative chicken and parsley risotto

  1. Oh, that sounds so good!

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