Baked eggs with yogurt and chile

February 9, 2012

Baked eggs with yogurt and chile

Page 140, Ottolenghi

When I need a total comfort meal that is guaranteed to make the work stress melt away from my baby’s shoulders, nothing works better than poached eggs. Well, except for baked eggs. Who knew? This easy-peasy weeknight dinner had me saute a TON of arugula (14 cups wilts down to *nothing*) and then just nestle some eggs into the pan and toss it into the oven for about 15 mintes. While it cooked, I made the yogurt and garlic mixture and melted some butter with chiles and paprika. Once the eggs were done (whites set and yolks still a bit runny) I dolloped on the greek yogurt/salt/garlic combo and then drizzled the butter sauce over the whole dang thing and served it with toast. Can we all say YUM together now?  Comforting and yet not too heavy, and full of a nice bitter arugula/sweet butter kind of contrast – all piled on toast and served with a hearty dose of ‘you’ll get through this’ and love.  Plenty, indeed.




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