Smoked cheddar and apple omelet

February 14, 2012

Smoked cheddar and apple omelet

Page 312, Henry

Ah, Valentine’s Day. A holiday derived by corporations to sell things to people indoctrinated that they must prove their love with gifts.  And yet….. While I need no excuse to celebrate love,  I will TAKE any excuse to celebrate love and my girl. What I will not do is go out for dinner on the actual night of Valentine’s Day. Instead B and I had reservations at our favorite fancy restaurant in town for a special night -before Valentine’s Day 4 course tasting menu on Monday.  And it was delicious and celebratory and lovely and aphrodisiac and everything a special date night should be – including paired with perfect wines and capped off with a police searchlight right into our living room (read bedroom as the project is still under way) windows a few hours later. More on that story for those brave enough to ask. ; )

As for our *actual* Valentine’s Day, we opted for a more low-key dinner of salad and omelets. In this case, smoked cheddar and apple omelets out of  Diana Henry’s Plenty. The tangy cheddar and sweet apple slices made a perfect omelet with Jaime’s fabulous farm eggs. Eggs that I still marvel at  – the bright yellow of the yolk and the perfect viscosity of the whites seen almost never in store-bought versions. Eggs are inherently sexy, and therefore perfect for a mellow and delish Valentine’s dinner. Pair them with a salad and toasted farm bread and call it a night. Hopefully a night without a police cruiser in front of the house.


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  1. Adrienne

    Mark and I both had to work on Valentine’s evening, so he made me a V-day breakfast instead 🙂 Yummy frittata with asparagus, tomato, Wisconsin sharp cheddar and smoked tempeh bacon! Delish! Big smooches to you and B and give V a big hug from me! xoxo

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