Spanish baked sea bass AND Sicilian braised vegetables

February 20, 2012

Spanish baked sea bass AND Sicilian braised vegetables

Page 132 and 83, Henry

The 11 year old got to choose the menu from Plenty this evening. She decided on baked sea bass and I suggested the braised vegetables as a complement. Worked very well together! Reallly if you add pine nuts, rasisins, and herbs to almost anything it will be delish.

I haven’t ventured much into the world of baking fish — we almost always grill it. After an initial attempt to serve slightly underdone fish, another 10 minutes in the oven made it perfect. And we had those delicious vegetables to eat in the meantime. I really didn’t think that I liked fennel, but this year of Plenty is teaching me that I am often surprised by what I like. Poached eggs *and* fennel – I like them both!

You can find the British version of the recipe here if you are willing to do some conversion.


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