Turkish lamb kofta with cherries and yogurt

March 11, 2012

Turkish lamb kofta with cherries and yogurt

Page 183, Henry

One of the things that B is most excited about for this Year of Plenty is the lamb, people. She *loves* lamb. And I must agree that cooking lamb purchased at the Coop which was slaughtered that day after being bought  from a farmer just south of our little town feels very different than mass meat consumption. This year of Plenty means cooking meat in ways that I have not done for 20ish years.  And I have to admit that I am loving it. The smell of lamb meatballs heavily spiced with cinnamon, cumin, and cloves while frying on my stove this evening was near heavenly. As someone who lived a vegetarian life for many years, there is still something magical about the smell of frying meat, be it lamb or be it bacon. Add those meatballs to an aromatic (and anti-oxidant) sauce of dried and  fresh cherries ( from our tree and frozen last July for just such a day) blended with cinnamon and onions, and you have a meal that is worthy of a Daylight Savings Time celebration. And oh how I adore Daylight Savings Time. It is one of my own personal holidays as it symbolizes (in a totally artificial and constructed manner, I realize) the returning of the light.  Longer days = more time for gardening and walking and being outside after work and that makes me joyful.

So those lovely lamb meatballs in a cherry sauce? Both celebratory AND delicious. They were served drizzled with yogurt and sprinkled with mint and cilantro alongside some herbed rice and a cucumber salad. All hail the returning of the light!


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