Crunchy pappardelle

March 22, 2012

Crunchy pappardelle

Page 252,  Ottolenghi

Mmmm, a platter of pasta on a chilly spring night is just the thing. Especially if it is pasta with broccoli and sauteed mushrooms in a creamy wine sauce with lemon zest and garlic and topped with crispy fried breadcrumbs. We had to physically restrain ourselves from taking this whole platter of pasta goodness DOWN.  Delish.

Also? Please note the amazing white wine next to the pasta. I *love* recipes that call for wine, because you can’t open a bottle and not have a glass. And this white wine was not just a regular bottle of cooking wine, but a bottle that we purchased at the Coop after trying it at the Chef’s Table. It is a white burgandy (Macon Villages Vielles Vignes White Burgandy Wine for those that want to run right out and try it — and that should be all of you, FYI) and both of us fell in love with it. You will too. It is amazing. It’s been a while since I discovered a new wine that I love and this makes me very, very happy.

Our new tablecloth also makes me very, very happy. It is IKEA fabric that I put a few hems into and it has all of the colors of the fiestaware we use. In a geometric flower pattern. Yep. Happy.

Go here for the recipe and here for the wine


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