Lemon and eggplant risotto

April 10, 2012

Lemon and eggplant risotto

Page 231, Ottolenghi

So. You may have noticed that recently I have been all Ottolenghi, all the time. It’s just that the Ottolenghi recipes are so GOOD. They are inventive and surprising and almost always ridiculously delicious. And when I looked at how many recipes I still had left in the Ottolenghi version of Plenty? Well, I ditched poor Diana Henry’s Plenty and am changing the rules (the ones that I (sort of)created) and am focusing on the Ottolenghi book for the rest of the year. Viva Ottolenghi!

In that spirit, I decided to tackle my nemesis – the eggplant chapter. I have never liked eggplant, as a rule. There have been VERY rare exceptions like Bengan Bartha, but for the most part I am not an eggplant fan. So you can imagine that the entire CHAPTER devoted to eggplant in the Ottolenghi book has been taunting me. And now that I have committed to the Ottolenghi, it felt like time to tackle it and show eggplant who is boss. Or, um, it could show me.  Because, friends? This eggplant risotto was DELICIOUS. Who knew?

Recipe here:



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