Beet, goat cheese, and caper pizza

May 8, 2012

Beet, goat cheese, and caper pizza

Page 298, Henry

I love taking my Year of Plenty on the road, and Many Hands House was both welcoming *and* bursting with spring plenty when I arrived with the makings for beet, goat cheese, and caper pizza.  In between making three kinds of pizza (including Beet, goat cheese, and caper  – but also an artichoke/chard/pecorino version and a mushroom/tomato/parmesan version) we chatted, drank wine, played with adorable kittens, held chickens, harvested asparagus and rhubarb, pushed kids on swings, took pictures, watched you tube birth and dance videos, marveled at baby chicks and gorgeous sunsets over the prairie, and generally enjoyed the hell out of each other.

And the pizza wasn’t bad either.  Really? Anything with beets, carmelized onions, and goat cheese is going to be good, and this pizza definitely delivered. Paired with a salad and a glass of petite syrah it was definitely plenty!


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