Char-grilled asparagus

May 11, 2012

Char-grilled asparagus

Page 182, Ottolenghi


Here, my friends, is where Ottolenghi shines. In making simple ingredients sing. There was almost nothing to this recipe, yet it was perfection on a plate. Oh spring asparagus, how I love you! Let me count the ways (i.e. Ottolenghi recipes). Just grill some asparagus and add feta and lemon zest. Yum!



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3 responses to “Char-grilled asparagus

  1. Yum indeed! When I first looked at the picture, I thought that was crumbled hard-boiled egg instead of feta. Which is probably very weird, but then so am I.

    • Not weird at all! And that is the other recipe on the same page of Ottolenghi — soon to be making an appearance on this blog. It’s called Apsparagus Mimosa and uses crumbled hard boiled egg and capers to top the asparagus. Weird, no. Prescient, yes.

      • No way! That’s just wacky. And you know I didn’t cheat and peek at the book, since cookbooks are about the only books that don’t fill my house! I’ll look forward to your report on the Asparagus Mimosa, then.

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