Peas with Lettuce

June 18, 2012

Peas with Lettuce

Page 61, Henry

B stopped at the farmstand on her way home from work and picked up fresh bags of shelling peas! We promptly ate them raw as snacks and as salads, and then a few days later I found this recipe for Peas with Lettuce and we decided to give it a try. While the lettuce part was surprising at first, it was the perfect foil to the sweet, sweet peas. We used a head of slightly bitter green lettuce from the same farm stand and sauteed that and the peas with scallions in butter and then tossed in salt and mint. AMAZING! Fresh peas are a delight and represent a specific point in summer time. Get them fast, friends!


We paired our pea dish with fresh grilled  green beans, herbed rice, and grilled zucchini covered in parsley sauce (from the mixed grill recipe) and had the greenest of green dinners. It is almost summer solstice and green dinners feel right — the veggies are starting to come in abundantly and we definitely make use of them. Oh, summer , how I love you!


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